NTP is a leading producer and supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients and offers an in-house radiopharmacy service to the southern African nuclear medicine community.

Radiopharmaceuticals are labelled medical radioisotopes that are used in nuclear medicine procedures for diagnostic (imaging) and therapeutic purposes. Due to the short half-life of radiopharmaceuticals, these active pharmaceutical ingredients have to be produced almost daily and cannot be stockpiled.

NTP produces and supplies a range of radiopharmaceutical products including the NovaTec-P Tc-99m generator, radiopharmaceutical labelling kits, iodine-131 therapeutic and diagnostic capsules, and Gluscan® FDG (F-18 fluorodeoxyglucose). NTP also provides an in-house radiopharmacy service to the nuclear medicine community, providing patient-ready individual and bulk doses to order.

Specialist logistics
NTP offers fast, reliable and effective radiation products transport and logistics services. Each order is closely and carefully co-ordinated to ensure that the risks of delivery delays or failures are minimised. A fleet of specialised transport containers, designed and manufactured exclusively for NTP, are all fully licensed and have undergone stringent tests in order to comply with all relevant regulatory requirements.

Our competent personnel are qualified to advise users on radiation protection protocols and procedures as well as shielding designs that will meet the most stringent regulatory requirements

NTP’s radiopharmaceutical production, processing and distribution facilities, services and products are certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14000 and cGMP practices, and comply with statutory and other licensing requirements under the South African Medicines Control Council, the South African Pharmacy Council, and the South African Department of Health.