NTP produces and supplies specialist radiopharmaceutical labelling kits, for use in nuclear medicine procedures.

NTP is one of the largest suppliers of nuclear medicine products and services in the world. Over 40 million nuclear medicine diagnostic procedures are performed worldwide annually, with between 8-million and 10-million using isotopes produced and distributed by NTP. Nuclear medicine imaging procedures are safe, non-invasive and painless, and allow specialist physicians to observe the body’s organs and systems as they function.

In order for medical radioisotopes to be used in nuclear medicine diagnostic (imaging) procedures, the radioactive isotope technetium-99m (Tc-99m) needs to be labelled or partnered with another pharmaceutical agent that allows the Tc-99m to reach a specific area or system of the human body.

Radiopharmaceuticals may only be used by specially qualified and licensed healthcare professionals, who are trained in the safe use and handling of radioisotopes.

NTP produces and supplies five labelling kits to the nuclear medicine market, each registered with the South African Medicines Control Council:

MDP (Skeletal system)
RENATEK (kidneys)
DISIDA (Hepatobiliary system/ liver and gallbladder)
TIN COLLOID (liver function)
RBC (red blood cells)