The latest local and international news on nuclear medicine and radiation products.

NTP Radioisotopes wins AtomExpo award in Russia

South African medical radioisotope producer NTP Radioisotopes, a subsidiary of Necsa, was recently awarded an AtomExpo award for the best project in the nonenergy-related use of nuclear energy. The award was received in Sochi, Russia, by Necsa chairperson Dr Kelvin...

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How The First Man-Made Nuclear Reactor Reshaped Science

It was 75 years ago, beneath the bleachers of a University of Chicago football field, that scientists took the first step toward harnessing the power of the nuclear fission chain reaction. [Read more of this article that appeared in The...

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Women at the nucleus of medicine

Every second of every day more than one nuclear imaging scan takes place throughout the world to help in early diagnosis of diseases and ailments such as cancers and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, nuclear medicine is used to treat cancer and other conditions....

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