In a competitive global market, NTP partners innovate with quality, putting our customers first.

The story of NTP is one of constant innovation and adaptation, of meeting challenges and exceeding expectations. Throughout this, our relationships, with old and new customers, with our stakeholders, and with our communities, are what make the NTP adventure truly meaningful.

NTP is prepared for exciting new challenges in the years ahead. Through strategic investment in our employees and in our infrastructure, we have ensured that we are able to preserve our historic legacy while passing on our unique knowledge, skills and experience to future generations. This will allow us to maintain our uncompromising standards for both safety and quality, while growing our market share.

Our mission is to retain our existing customer base through being consistent, reliable, and customer-focused, and to develop new markets through active and sustained customer-focused engagement.

We will continue to build NTP into the globally preferred supplier of radiation products and services by providing reliable, high-quality offerings, and by pioneering new radioisotope products.

We will optimise the use of our world-class facilities and our human resources, while ensuring responsible profitability, growth, safety and sustainability for our people, our communities and our country.