Our vision is to be the world’s leading producer and supplier of quality nuclear medicine and radiation-based products and services.

NTP Radioisotopes is a leading global company with a proudly South African heritage. As we celebrate our remarkable transition from an isolated apartheid-era complex into a world-class commercial nuclear technology facility, we also share our vision of becoming the world’s leading and most trusted producer and supplier of quality radiation-based products and services.

Our brand is built around values of excellence, safety, accountability, reliability and growth. We demonstrate our commitment to these values in our technologies, our products, and in our customer services. As a pioneer in the field of nuclear technology products, we also incorporate values that will ensure the future sustainability of our business while encouraging and recognising the inherent value in integrating and celebrating diversity in our workplace.

Our unique story, proudly South African values, and world-class expertise means we offer our customers a very special value proposition in turn. We have become the service provider of choice for global market leaders because we provide quality products at competitive prices, and deliver a service that our clients know they can trust.

Our track record and personal attention to our customers, clients, colleagues and the communities in which we operate inspires and motivates more than just business relationships; it grows partnerships. We actively engage with our stakeholders both in South Africa and around the world, and do so in an ethical, honest and transparent fashion so that we can unlock meaning and create shared opportunities for growth.