For more than two decades, NTP has been trusted as a world-leader in the production and processing of high-quality radiochemicals.

A subsidiary of the South Africa Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa), NTP is uniquely positioned as one of the largest integrated commercial radioisotope producers in the world. From the on-site irradiation of enriched uranium targets to the processing of commercial radioisotopes and the manufacture and distribution of radiochemicals and radiopharmaceuticals, NTP and parent company Necsa manage the radioisotope process right through to the safe storage of radiation by-products, and the disposal of waste.

NTP is a world-leader in the international supply of radiation-based products, and has an excellent supply and logistics track record, with over two decades of high commercial utilisation and high-quality output.

All of NTP’s production facilities and operation processes are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and cGMP practices, and comply with stringent domestic and international regulatory nuclear and medical standards.

We are committed to delivering excellent customer service, and manufacturing and distributing our products safely, with respect for users and the environment.