NovaTec-P Tc-99m GENERATOR

The revolutionary dry-shipped NovaTec-P Tc-99m generator offers high-quality, high-yield, and ease of use.

The NovaTec-P Tc-99m generator is the backbone of the practice of nuclear medicine, with thousands of gamma-imaging procedures in South Africa using eluate from such devices being performed every day.

The NovaTec-P Tc-99m generator was developed by NTP Radioisotopes at Pelindaba, replacing the Peltek-F generator between 2007 and 2008.

Operation and components – safe, easy to use and reliable:
The NovaTec-P delivers a pyrogen-free sterile eluate containing sodium pertechnetate (Tc-99m) BP for intravenous administration. The Mo-99 feedstock to the generator is produced in NTP’s on-site facilities and all the production processes for Mo-99 and NovaTec-P carry the ISO9001 and cGMP protocol approval.

The NovaTec-P is a compact unit that has been designed to operate with the simple two-vial system. This ensures ease of use as well as uncompromising safety, quality and performance characteristics. It offers a high-yield product free of oxidizing agents that could adversely affect labelling compounds. The NovaTec-P makes provision for the elution of high specific activity while integrated radiation shielding minimises radiation exposure during handling.

The NovaTec-P is pre-calibrated to provide the requisite activity at the time and due date of use by the administering physician.