NTP supplies high-quality radiation-based products and services to customers in 50 countries. Our integrated offering includes irradiation services, bulk radiochemical compounds, radiopharmaceuticals, single-dose medical radioisotopes, radioactive sealed sources, source containers, and secure logistics.
Based at the world-class Pelindaba nuclear complex in South Africa, NTP is a uniquely integrated radiochemical producer, processer and distributor, with direct on-site control over and access to all of the facilities, processes and resources required to produce and distribute specialised radiation-based products for the global life science, healthcare and industrial markets.

Target irradiations are performed on site in the high-flux SAFARI-1 nuclear reactor (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified) before being transferred to the adjacent radiochemical processing facility (an ISO 9001 and cGMP certified operation) where the material is processed and dispensed according to customer specifications. NTP also operates an on-site integrated cyclotron facility for the production, processing and dispatch of F-18 FDG. A similar cyclotron facility in the Western Cape is operated in partnership with iThemba LABS, which supplies the western and eastern Cape regions.

All operations comply with the highest international safety standards and are licensed by the independent National Nuclear Regulator and endorsed by several other competent authorities. The IAEA regularly audits NTP’s operations to confirm compliance to safeguards and other of their recommendations. GMP certification is done by the South African Medicine Control Council and endorsed by numerous medical regulators including the US FDA, Health Canada, the European Medicines Agency and the Australian TGA.

NTP’s facilities are operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the SAFARI-1 reactor in operation for about 300 days of that time. Together with our large container fleet, key logistical arrangements, and an excellent track record of timely deliveries, we are able to offer our customers a reliable supply of radiation-based products, at competitive prices, anywhere in the world.