NTP is committed to an extensive cultural change process that will enable us to ensure our legacy for the future.

Transformation is at the very heart of what we do. In the last 25 years NTP has undergone a radical business transition, from a local-market production facility with just 30 employees, running at a loss of R10-million, to a world-class operation with five subsidiary companies, over 400 employees, and an annual turnover of over R1-billion.

In order to ensure the sustainable, profitable future of nuclear radiation products, we have committed to systemic engagement with and improvement of our business partners and subsidiaries, ensuring that our operating model, our leadership, and our people are supported and enabled through these processes.

Our transformation policy offers parallel streams of skill retention – recognising, recording, and rewarding the invaluable expertise, experience and passion of our many tenured employees, so that their knowledge can be shared with others; while also attracting, incentivising and developing new people, through our transformation and talent department. NTP is invested in growing our business, and our people, so that our legacy skills are preserved and our future sustainability is ensured.